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Is one of your inspectors returning to your team after a hiatus or being rehired? This article will walk you through reactivating them.

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Whether they took a break to explore new horizons or simply needed a breather, this article is here to guide you through the process of reactivating a home inspector that was previously part of your team.

1. From your Dashboard, click Settings:

2. Click Team:

3. Click Show inactive inspectors under the Add Inspector button:

4. Press the arrow icon on the far right of the inspector you'd like to reactivate:

5. Select the subscription type they should have, then click Reactivate Inspector:

6. You're all done! The inspector is part of your team once again. 👍

Now that your inspector is back in action, it's time to continue delivering top-notch service and expertise to your clients and agents. Cheers to a successful reunion, and may your home inspections be as smooth as ever!

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