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Understanding Email Statistics
Understanding Email Statistics

See and understand how your Mass Emails perform

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Spectora Mass Email enables you to reach large audiences to build your business. Seeing how your audience engages with your messages helps you grow as a marketer. 🧠

A few minutes after you hit "send" our email servers provide a status report of recipient interactions and success rates. These will continue to update every few minutes so check back after a day or so to see if clicks & opens increase!

Email statistics are visible as a table on each email's page, which you can access by hitting "View" next to any sent message on the Mass Email page.

Mass Email page

Screenshot 2023-01-16 134717

Email page

Screenshot 2023-01-16 134745

Here are the 8 main statuses you will see and what they mean:




The email has been received by the service but has not yet been sent or dropped. ⏳


Delivered to the recipient successfully. πŸ‘


Opened by the recipient. πŸŽ‰


The recipient clicked a hyperlink* within the email body. 🀩 To create a hyperlink click the following icon while drafting your email.

*Text links will not register clicks.


The recipient's email address is invalid. ✏️


The recipient has unsubscribed from mass emails.βœ–οΈThis does not impact their ability to receive standard inspection emails!


The recipient marked this message as spam. πŸ₯«


An error message was returned from the email service. This usually occurs if a contact has no email address or the server is entirely down. πŸ˜“

You might also see the following status in the recipient table:




The email list is being delivered to the sending service. 🏁 This is the status before "Processed."

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