A good marketing email is visually interesting, concise, and has a clear "call to action". Here are some free tools we love to help your emails stand out!

Grammarly ✏️

It's human nature to be blind to our own typos. Grammarly is an amazing free tool that checks the spelling, grammar, and even the tone of your writing. It's trusted by students and businesses around the world - and works in all major browsers.

Calendly πŸ—“οΈ

Is your "Call to Action" booking time with an agent? Calendly is an awesome tool that allows recipients to book time on your calendar from a link. You can customize your available times, the meeting location, and more!

Canva 🎨

Add visual interest and a professional look with custom graphics. Canva has an easy-to-use interface and plenty of free templates to create images like the one below.

They offer plenty of tutorial videos if you ever get stuck. Enjoy getting in touch with your creative side.

Pro-Tip 🧠 See a color or font you love on a different webpage? Use browser extensions like Fonts Ninja or Eye Dropper to quickly identify fonts and colors you encounter. You can even generate a perfectly balanced color palette from an image in Canva!

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