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Mass Email 101: Examples and Advice
Mass Email 101: Examples and Advice

Looking for ideas on how to engage with Agents? Start here.

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Email marketing can never replace the one-on-one relationship building that is the foundation of your business. However, when used well email marketing:

  • Keeps your company top of mind

  • Demonstrates professionalism and business savvy

  • Builds your brand and showcases different sides of your team

The internet and even your own inbox are excellent sources of marketing inspiration, but here are some building blocks to get you started.

Service Announcements πŸ“’

Have a new or seasonal service offering? Highlight it in an email including details like price, limitations, and how to book.

---------------------- Copy Below ---------------------


XYZ Inspection now offers a sewer scope service. We use specialized equipment to provide your buyers with a complete video overview of their sewer connection. Sewer scopes added to inspections before December 31st receive 10% off.

Price List:

β€’ Sewer Scope Only $250

β€’ Residental Inspection Sewer Scope Add-On $150

Call FIRST NAME at 123-456-7890 to book!

Sales or Promotions πŸ’Έ

Discounts and holiday sales are a great way to re-engage agents and get more bookings.

---------------------- Copy Below ---------------------


Ring in the New Year πŸ”” with a re-inspection from XYZ Inspections. Our 2022 Residential Inspections customers can save 15% on their reinspection if they book before March 31st.

Our Re-Inspection Service includes:

β€’ Recall checks on all major appliances

β€’ A thorough re-inspection of all previously noted defects and warnings

Call FIRST NAME at 123-456-7890 to book!

Holiday Greetings 🎁

Share a holiday message and include a personal touch.

---------------------- Copy Below ---------------------

Happy Holidays from XYZ Inspections, {{FIRST_NAME}}

From our household to yours! Your business means the world to us and we look forward to thrilling your clients again in 2023.

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Industry Wisdom 🧠 Show off your expertise!

As an inspector, you are the master of your domain. Educate your agents on common inspector knowledge and show them why they should trust you with their clients.

---------------------- Copy Below ---------------------


A great reason to recommend XYZ Inspections to your next client in TOWN/CITY is that thermal imaging is included with all inspection packages.

Thermal imaging can reveal a lot of hidden issues in a home - including moisture, heat & energy loss, pest infestations, foundation cracks, ventilation problems, missing insulation, and structural concerns.

The top four issues we identify with this technology are all potentially costly for the buyer:

  1. Roofing Leaks

  2. Mold

  3. Electrical Faults

  4. Structural Concerns

Some inspectors charge extra for this service - but at XYZ Inspection our mission is to give your clients a full picture of a home at a reasonable price.

We are here to answer your questions 7 days a week. Call FIRST NAME at 123-456-7890 to book!


Events or Workshops 🀝

Want to promote some face-to-face time with agents? Host an event or offer a demonstration.

---------------------- Copy Below ---------------------


Ever wonder what it's like to "think like an inspector?". The XYZ Inspection team is offering local agents free demonstrations and walk-throughs on January 7th from 9 am to 12 pm.

Learn more and reserve your time here -> LINK

This is a great opportunity to see our inspectors at work and get any burning questions answered.

Coffee and Donuts from Renee's Cafe will be provided β˜•πŸ©

Newsletters πŸ“°

Want to blend a bit of everything from the examples above? Try a monthly newsletter. Use a consistent template to highlight any news, promotions, or events. Have fun with it and be sure to include a link to book!

Ready for more? Head over to Mass Mail 201: Level Up your Emails

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