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What's new with the latest Dashboard?
What's new with the latest Dashboard?

See what's new with the refresh of your web dashboard

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Your dashboard gives you an overview of your business on a single page. πŸ‘€

We've refreshed the look of this page to improve the user experience, and added more functionality along the way.

For Advanced users, you can now create multiple dashboards and can customize your dashboards with additional widgets.

Here is an overview of each widget:


  • This widget shows what inspections and events are scheduled for the day.

  • New! ✨ Inspections now show the estimated drive time and mileage from an inspector's home address. 🏑


  • This widget shows a route map of the day's inspections and events

  • Each route stop is numbered and color-coded per inspector 🌈


  • This widget shows all inspections that have not yet been published, scheduled two weeks ago up to today.


  • This widget shows inspections and events over a specified time period.

  • New! ✨ List view option shows upcoming inspections and events as a text list


  • This widget shows inspections with alerts for the past month

  • Alert reasons include pay splits needing inspector assignment, or payment disputes ⚠️


  • This widget shows inspections that are unconfirmed, starting two weeks ago

  • New! ✨ Non-administrators and support staff users can now see the Unconfirmed widget if they have scheduling permissions.

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