Clearing app memory on Next Gen

How Next Gen automatically keeps your app running quickly

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If you are an inspector who has been using Spectora for a while, you are used to having to intermittently clear your app memory to keep things running quickly.

On Next Gen, this is no longer an issue. Data is automatically cleared from the app after 3 days of inactivity on an inspection. If you don't interact with an inspection for 3 days, all unsynced changes will be cleared from the app's memory.

If any did not make it to the web, you will get a notification on your phone letting you know you have unsaved data to get to the web.

How to access and download a past inspection

Don't worry, this automatic clearing process does not mean you cannot access past inspections!

You can either scroll through the dates on the calendar at the top of the app or you can use our address search. Here's how that looks:

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