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Find mileage, payment, unpaid inspection data and more using Data Exports!

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Whether it's for tax season, insurance, or just for fun, your account data is a helpful resource to provide more insights into your business! To find all of the data available, click on your name in the top right corner of your Dashboard and select Data Exports!

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From there, you have a couple of options for the type of export you'd like to create! Here is what is available for each export:

Inspection Data

Export a spreadsheet of your Inspections including client/agent info, payment status, fees collected, and custom scheduling fields! You can choose to pull data from the current or previous year, or pull a custom report based on the dates of your choosing!


View a breakdown of all charges you’ve assessed over a certain amount of time! You can export data from the current or previous year, or from all of your inspections.

Payment & Fees

View received payments and processing fees

The payments and fees spreadsheet does not automatically output totals for fees. You’ll need to use the AutoSum function in Excel to calculate fee totals

Unpaid Inspections

View all past inspections that have not been paid yet

Clicking View will take you to the Unpaid Inspections page, which will show your total balance on unpaid inspections, as well as a breakdown with a link to take you to the Inspections details page

Mileage Export

View all miles driven in the current or previous year. If you have multiple inspectors on your team, each inspector will have a separate tab for their mileage in the spreadsheet

Subscription Fees

Provides breakdown of all software fees you have paid to Spectora. Each transaction will be broken down into the date, amount, name, Card charged, whether credit was applied for the charge, and a transaction ID!

Agent Export

View all agents from your Contacts, including the number of inspections they have been involved in and the date of their last inspection.

Want additional exports? Let us know on the chat bubble- we're happy to continue expanding the data available!

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