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Setting Up Franchising & Multi-Location Companies
Setting Up Franchising & Multi-Location Companies
Spectora offers several tools to help you run a growing franchise or multi-location company. Here's how to get started!
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If you’re thinking about expanding your business to another city or area, it sometimes makes sense to have a separate company, with its own team, internal settings, templates, agreements, and automated communications. Some states even require inspectors to have a separate company from your inspection business to do pest control or mold mitigation services. Whatever your reasons for franchising your business, our Organizations tool can help you through the process of setting up and running your new company.

Step One: Creating your Organization

To create an organization, pop over to the Settings > Teams page and scroll to the bottom, where you’ll find a link to set up your Organization:

  • Click the Get Started button, opening up the option to name and create your new organization. Your organization will be the “umbrella” in which your current and new company fall under.

  • Once submitted, you'll be dropped into the Organization Manager Role. (To switch back, select Change Role from the main dropdown. Learn more on changing roles here.)

Note: Each new company will require its own additional subscriptions for each inspector. This includes inspectors utilized in multiple locations. The same rates apply: $99/mo or $999/annual for primary inspectors, and $89/mo or $828/annually.

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Step Two: The Organization Manager

The Organization Manager role allows you to manage all of the companies in your organization through a specific dashboard. Here’s what you can do from there:


The Dashboard tab displays metrics for all the companies within your organization. From here you can view and compare data between franchises. This includes panels like:

  • Company Revenues

  • Top Companies

  • Average Inspection Price

This feature is still under development - we'll update this article as we build out more functionality here.

The Companies tab shows all the companies in your organization. It allows you to set up additional new franchises, edit existing company settings, and share assets between your businesses. Here’s what you can do:

  • Status

    While companies are getting set up, you'll see red icons indicating what still needs to be done to get them up-and-running; such as adding inspectors, setting up services & fees, filling out a profile, and initiating new subscriptions. Additionally, you will also see active inspectors and the number of templates for your companies.

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  • Adding New Companies
    Tap the Add New Company button to create another company. You can enter their public-facing name, their internal name (since often the public-facing name is the same for franchises), and a logo. You'll also be able to choose which company in your organization to copy assets from. This includes report templates, automation settings, email/text templates, and agreements.

Tip: You can create an unpaid "Corporate" or "Master" company that contains the master templates and settings, or you can use a flagship company as your base.

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  • Editing Company Settings
    Click on any company to expand your options. From here, you’ll have the ability to edit company basics, as well as links to further setup options such as: Team, Profile, Services & Fees, and Schedule.

Note: Certain options will only be available once you set up your team members. (Other options, like payment methods, subscriptions, and integrations, are generally handled at the company level and can be set up within that company's settings.)

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  • Sharing Assets

    You may occasionally update your master templates and automation settings or add a new agreement, and wish to push these updates to some or all of the companies under your franchise. The Share Assets button accomplishes this, allowing you to choose any combination of assets and companies.

Note: This will not overwrite existing templates and agreements, it will create new templates and agreements that are added to a company account. Automation settings and email/text templates, however, will overwrite existing.

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Utilizing the Mangers tab, you can view all organization managers, as well as add and remove additional organization manager. Note that adding an existing Spectora user will add the additional profile to their existing account. They can use the same Change Role button to toggle between company roles.

As we continue to develop this tool, please let us know any additional tools you may need to help you grow your empire!

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