Updating your template to TREC REI 7-6

How us change your existing template to the newest version of TREC

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We have created a way to move your existing comments, settings, and other changes to this updated template, making no extra manual edits necessary.

Converting an Existing Template

To change your template to the 7-6 format, first go to the Template Editor and pull up your TREC template.

Once there, you should see an option in the top right corner to upgrade to 7-6.

Hitting this button will automatically copy your template and create a new version of your template with the required changes to TREC automatically included.

Your original template will remained unchanged and in the 7-5 format.

Transferring Inspections to REI 7-6

For future scheduled inspections, moving to the new template is as easy as going to your Settings > Services and Fees and changing your default template for your residential services to the 7-6.

If you use ISN for scheduling inspections, update your Template Mappings.

For existing inspections, manually update your inspections by deleting the template on the inspection and adding the 7-6 instead.

If you switch them out on the day of the inspection hit "Sync" before starting to be sure you are not working in a deleted report.

What to do if you get an error message

If you have removed required components of the TREC form by deleting a section or item, the conversion process will not work.

If you encounter this, first try to undelete the item or section and try to convert again.

If this still fails, reach out to the chat bubble team for help in getting you transferred over to the new report format.

Move the new 7-6 template to the top of your list

To make this template show up at the top of your "My Templates" list, click the title of your template

Click "Set As Company's Default Template"

Now that template will show at the top of your "My Templates" list

If you have any questions on this, or other parts of Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email support@spectora.com

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