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Advanced pricing goes up January 1st, 2022
Advanced pricing goes up January 1st, 2022

Why prices are increasing and how to lock in your rate

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On January 1st, 2022 the pricing for Spectora Advanced for new customers will go up to $3/inspection (from $2.50/inspection). If you become a paying Spectora Advanced user before then, you'll lock in a $2.50/inspection rate.


We started building Spectora Advanced, an optional add-on toolset for growing inspection companies, back in 2018. Many of our large companies have been asking for more complex scheduling tools on our platform and wanting a competitor to ISN. The toolset includes customizable emailing & texting based on triggers, pay split calculations, custom metrics dashboards, service areas & service limitations, and much more.

We began with a free beta and progressed to a launch in 2019 with an introductory rate of $2.50/inspection, a rate that we've maintained since then.

During this time we've added several new features and ironed out kinks in the toolset. We're continuing to build additional big features and improve Advanced every single week!

Why are costs going up?

The Spectora Advanced platform has reached maturity, being the scheduling software of choice for some of the largest companies in the industry. Our introductory rate helped subsidize costs and development - a higher rate going forward helps this product be profitable and ensures we continue to invest in it to make it even better.

In addition, in a world of inflation and increasing costs, business software is no exception. Emailing, text messaging, and engineer salaries are all increasing at a rate higher than the overall economy. We all have to increase our rates over time, regardless of industry!

Lock in the current rate

We know that surprise price increases are never welcomed. That's why we grandfather the rate you sign up at. Start Spectora Advanced by January 1st, 2022 and you'll lock in the $2.50/inspection rate for life.

We believe we've built the absolute best platform to run an inspection business on. Compared to ISN, which starts at $6/inspection, we also believe we offer tremendous value. We would love for you to see for yourself:

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