August 27th, 2021
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Happy end-of-summer! Here's a wrap-up of our week:

โ“ Did you Know?

This fall & winter season will be the biggest in recent history for Spectora. We've spent the past year cooking up some amazing new products and features that we'll be releasing by year's end. Here's a preview:

  • Next Gen Report Writing - we're leveling-up our already best-in-the-business report writing software to include:

    • Spectora X, a complete rebuild of our mobile app with a fresh design, rock-solid stability, and even more efficiency

    • Live real-time two-way syncing

    • Ability to do web reports offline (i.e. Chromebooks, laptops, etc with no Internet connection!)

    • Text-on-photos

    • And much more!

  • Spectora Connect, a new set of options to:

    • Connect your home buyers to your recommended contractors

    • Connect your home buyers to products and services they are shopping for

    • Make you more revenue per inspection

  • A brand new Client Portal, allowing you to:

    • Offer clear "tasks" for your clients, increasing agreement signing and pay rates (and decreasing phone calls to you!)

    • Automate upsells of your ancillary services and add-ons

    • Optionally pass credit card fees to your client

Stay tuned for more updates and get hyped!

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๐Ÿ”ง Feature of the Week: Item Count Bubbles

Did you know you can turn Item Count Bubbles on or off? Item count bubbles show the items inspected, how many observations, and how many safety hazards in each report. They are a great way for your clients to see a summary of their inspection at a glance.

You can toggle them on or off in Template Settings > Display Settings.

๐Ÿ“– Learning the platform?

Check out our weekly webinars! Thursdays and Saturdays are general platform overviews while Mondays are deep-dives into rotating topics. Our Client Success team will make sure you are getting the most out of your software to help your business grow!

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