Your managed hosting with Spectora is situated on Kinsta premium servers, powered by Google Cloud. Not only do they have daily backups, SSL, and deliver blazing fast site speed, we are constantly impressed with the highly skilled team that supports us so we can help you!

Now one of the best is partnering with the leader in security and web performance - Introducing the CloudFlare Integration!

Thanks to Cloudflare’s intelligent firewall, DDoS protection, and other security features, your WordPress site will be able to take advantage of a complete suite of technologies and tools and be instantly more secure than ever.

With all of this good news, we have some technical things to manage. It's not bad news, we promise, but after September 30, 2021, all sites hosted with Spectora must point to a different IP address.

Don't Panic! We can do this for you!

Please visit this article to learn how to give your Spectora Webteam access to your domain registrar (where you purchased your domain).

If you did not receive the email or message with the form to complete, please reach out to to get in touch with us on the chat bubble.

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