August 24th, 2021
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What's good in Spectoradom this week!:

πŸ”§ Feature of the Week

❓ Did you Know?

Did you know you can reduce payment disputes by customizing what your clients see on their credit card statement? Inspectors that have "inspection" in their description receive 77% less chargebacks! Learn how to customize your statement descriptors with Spectora Payments.

πŸ“ˆ We're Happy to Report...

Due to amazing efforts from our engineering team over the past year we've had 99.99% uptime during the busiest time of year! Aside from some overnight scheduled maintenance and a 4-minute unexpected downtime, our systems have been humming along like clockwork these past 4 months even with some crazy growth and the addition of some of the largest companies in the industry.

Thank you to those of you that tolerated our early days of rapid scaling and occasional system outages. We're glad to say those feel largely behind us! For those of you that have been waiting and watching, know that we're aiming to be the software for every home inspector in the industry and our systems are ready to handle it.

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πŸ“– Learning the platform?

Check out our weekly webinars! Thursdays and Saturdays are general platform overviews while Mondays are deep-dives into rotating topics. Our Client Success team will make sure you are getting the most out of your software to help your business grow!

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