Our new Client Portal is redesigned to make it simple and easy for your home buyers to manage the home inspection process. They can see a timeline of events, easily add ancillary services, and manage all their documents in a cleaner, more intuitive interface.

Additionally, the home buyer can leverage partnerships we've made to help you earn more revenue per inspection while providing them with great deals, valuable information, and special offers on things they'll need, like home insurance, moving services, and home warranties.

Get Started

  1. Pop into "Settings" and click on the new "Partnerships" button to decide which partnerships, if any, you'd like to show up in the new Client Portal.

2. Whenever you're scheduling a new inspection via the "New Inspection" Form you'll see a checkbox on the bottom to "Use beta client portal":

This will set the new Client Portal for only this inspection.

You'll also be able to toggle on/off the new Client Portal per-inspection in the Inspection Details "Internal" box:

Enabling for all inspections

When you're ready to enable the new Client Portal for all your inspections, just pop into Settings->Client Portal and toggle on this checkbox:

This will default all new inspections, including via the Online Scheduler or Get-A-Quote widget, to the new Client Portal. (You can always disable per-inspection if needed in your Inspection Details page.)

What do my clients see?

Once the inspection has been published, your clients will see additional tasks depending on the partnerships you've chosen to enable. For example, if you've selected "Lemonade" as an partner, your clients would see the following in the client portal:


Please send any feedback to michael@spectora.com - I'd love to hear your thoughts, agent reactions, etc.!

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