Hi everyone! A lot is going on this week!:

📆 Want to Learn More About Templates?

Starting Tuesday 6/15 we will be hosting a focused Weekly Webinar with rotating topics (in addition to the regular Thursday weekly webinar.)

Save your seat on Tuesday to learn more about Templates!:


🚀 Mobile Alpha Testing Has Begun!

Alpha testing on our mobile app has started! Our new mobile app offers more stability, a fresh user interface, improved syncing and much more. We'll be gradually expanding our testing to more and more inspectors over the coming weeks to ensure this is rock-solid for a full release later this summer.

💸 New Square Rate Available

We've negotiated a better bulk rate with Square for payment processing! We can now offer 2.75%* (compared to their standard 2.9%) + 30 cents per transaction. (If you do over $1M a year in revenue, get in touch for even lower rates!)

Square offers next-day payouts and a convenient dashboard for your transactions. In our new mobile app, we'll eventually integrate Square readers too!

* = There is an adjustment period of up to one month until the rate is set. Just one of the nuances with Square's setup for us, where they manually adjust rates once a month for our customers!

📎 Advanced Emails Now Can Include Attachments

Actions, the banner feature of the Spectora Advanced add-on, has always allowed you to customize unlimited emails, text messages, and webhooks. Now we've added even more power, allowing automatic email attachments.

You can set up a library of file attachments and allow your Actions to include them every time!

Did You Know?

40,500 people search for "home inspectors near me" each month in the US?

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