May 7th, 2021

Alpha testers and how we're keeping up with feature requests

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Happy Friday! These are meaty and important topics so read through til the end πŸ€“

Alpha Testing

As we get closer to our alpha testing release of our rebuilt-from-the-ground-up mobile app, we're still looking for a few testers. We're working hard to have a huge testing group that represents as many variations of devices, settings, and geographies as possible.

If you fall into any of these groups and are wanting to get a first look (and offer feedback!) on our latest mobile app, let us know!:

  • Galaxy Note 10, S10E or S10 users

  • Galaxy Note 20 or S20 users

  • iPad 7, 8 and 10 users

  • iPhone 7 and 7+ users

  • Texas inspectors using both TREC and WDI

Feature Requests

We get a lot of feature requests. A lot. Like a few hundred a week.

Many are things we're already planning to do. Some are too niche or specific and wouldn't broadly apply to our user base. Others are out-of-scope for our platform or not feasible with our resources. Some are great ideas but might complexify our platform too much for the gain.

We love hearing all the input! And appreciate having an involved user base that contributes so much to the evolution of our products. It's getting tough to keep up with the deluge of information!

To help alleviate this, we're sun setting our submission form in ProductBoard. Instead of quick write-ups where we don't truly understand the underlying pain points, we're training up our Client Success Team to better converse with you all via the chat bubble when you have feature input.

We've added a product team that will be doing more direct phone and video calls to go in-depth with you all on how our product can better help. And we'll be running more round table discussions around specific topics to help us as we delve into new features!

These changes not only help us better understand your needs, but also help us go deeper and get quality input that only dialogue can bring. It will be a big step up from one-way submissions and "feature voting" that are prone to us missing the mark. Now any input you have is just a click of the chat bubble away!

What Else is Going On?

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