April 30th, 2021
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πŸ“† Here's the latest this week!:

  • On Monday evening we experienced performance issues that caused some reports to be inaccessible for a couple hours. In coordination with our database hosting provider, we are investigating what exactly caused this issue.

    So far it's looking like a deep and highly technical reason: our database switched querying strategies during the query planning segment of retrieving report data - which is probably all mumbo-jumbo to you, but I just want you to know it is complicated, we're working on it, and we're going to prevent this issue from happening again in the future. We know it is very disruptive to your business and your workflow!

  • Just like the past 7 months, a good two-thirds of our dev team has been working on a new system for report storage/retrieval, which includes a new web report writer and a new mobile app.

  • We expect it to go to broader beta testing in June or July!

    Built from the ground-up on the latest modern technology (Google Firestore and Flutter), this stuff will enable us to scale up infinitely and deliver a very modern mobile app experience. It will also prevent issues like the kind that happened Monday! If it can handle the workloads Google throws at it, I'm confident it can handle our inspection reports for decades to come.

  • Our newest Advanced feature, Office Notes, is helping companies with multiple office staff members keep track of who left notes and when, dramatically helping with paper-trail, internal communication, and clarity for the inspectors in the field. If you haven't already, check it out and let us know your thoughts!

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