April 23rd, 2021

A return to conferences and some insight into our workflow

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Hello everybody! Here's what's going on this week:

  • We're gearing up for the IEB Unite conference in Austin in a few weeks, where Spectora will be the headline sponsor. This is our team's first conference since the shutdowns started last year, so we're excited to hang out with many of you in-person again!

  • We're wrapping up a bug fix week, as we do every third week. Hopefully many pesky bugs will disappear once we release it next Wednesday. We alternate between one-week bug fix cycles and two-week "build sprints" where we are heads-down building features, upgrading infrastructure, and focusing on deep work. Keep letting us know how we can improve our product for you, whether it's bugs you're experiencing or features you want to see!

  • 360 photos came out of a lengthy beta to full-release status this week! Check these out as a great way to document conditions as well as give your reports more style and interactivity.

  • We keep inching closer to an alpha release with our new mobile app and underlying technology. We're ironing out the last few bugs and will begin internal testing in the next couple weeks!

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Funnies of the week

*h/t to Phillip Brown, @next_step_inspections on Instagram

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