April 16th, 2021

Partnerships to make you more money and Advanced features to save you time.

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Here's what is going on in Spectora this week:

  • If you haven't heard Kevin and my Spectora Spotlight podcast last week on the future of the industry (spoiler: it's you making more money!), definitely check it out. We're in talks with our first couple potential partners that you can soon (optionally!) use to increase your revenue per inspection. More coming soon, stay tuned!

  • We're hard at work adding more features to Spectora Advanced, including individual timestamped notes to allow you to see who input what and when (coming next week!.) We're also continue building up beta features like letting you set up Actions for other people involved in an inspection (like transaction coordinators.) We'll keep adding the features that help you grow your business, as this inspector found out!:

  • We're interviewing engineers to join our ever-growing team, giving us more bandwidth to keep improving the platform!

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