As a lot of our users know, Spectora is a totally customer feedback run business. We have no outside interests or investors meaning we can fully plan our updates around how to best help our users!

For this process, we use ProductBoard to sort though ideas and see what is being requested the most!

What is ProductBoard?

ProductBoard is the tool that our product team uses to organize, and prioritize all the great feedback we receive. This also acts as our public roadmap for some of the features that we are currently focusing on.

This roadmap will not show all the feedback we receive (as we have thousands of great notes/suggestions/feedback), but rather just the features we will be focusing on in the shorter term. Not to worry though, we have an awesome system for organizing all of your thoughts on our backend, nothing gets lost.

How do I submit feedback?

If you have a new idea, visit and either press the "Submit Idea" button in the top right corner.

If you want to upvote an existing idea found in any of the tabs:

  1. Click the card you want to upvote

2. Specify how important it is to you!

3. Add a brief description for context. This helps us understand the why behind your suggestion and how you might use it.

Why isn't my feedback showing up on the roadmap?

Not to fear, we have all of your feedback and suggestions organized within our tool. We have thousands of suggestions and hundreds a week, so we want to make sure what we're showing on the roadmap, is only the next things we are deeply considering. With this in mind, your idea will likely not be shown on our public roadmap, but will be saved!

Will I get notified when you start working on a feature I suggested or voted for?

YES! With ProductBoard, we'll be updating everyone who voted for a feature, as the feature is being built and once it's released. Keeping you in the loop is one of the main reasons we selected this tool.

Understanding the Spectora Roadmap

We have different tabs that show the flow of feature development!

  1. Under consideration - Ideas we'll be considering for the next few quarters show up here.
  2. Planned - Features we're actively planning of the next quarter.
  3. Beta - Once a feature is built and released in beta, it will appear in the Beta tab
  4. Launched - Contains every major feature we've launched organized by quarter.

If you have any questions on this, or other parts of Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email!

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