Pop into the original inspection details page and view the report you would like to schedule for a re-inspection. From there, select "Report Tools"> "Schedule Reinspection".

Select the defects you will be reinspecting and then hit "save report for inspection".

Once redirected to the new inspection form, finish scheduling for the new date/time. The reinspection report will populate on the inspection which will only include the sections/items/ defects you selected.

Within the reinspection report, you should see the defects you selected defaulted to checked & unresolved. You can edit the resinspection categories in template settings, just like you would with regular defect categories.

Once done and back on the inspection details page, you can click the 3 dots to the right of the reinspection report> select Reinspection Report > and can search for the address to add the reinspection report to the original inspection.

Reach out to the support team with any questions on this tool!

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