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Transitioning from ISN to Spectora Checklist
Transitioning from ISN to Spectora Checklist

A step-by-step guide for moving from ISN to Spectora and Spectora Advanced.

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Many of the largest companies in the country are running their business on Spectora Advanced.

Spectora Advanced is a suite of business tools to help large and growing companies improve efficiency, make more revenue-per-customer and automate time-consuming processes.

Feel free to take a quick glance at our Spectora Advanced Tutorial Series, or bookmark the page and save it for later : )

✅ Import Your Data into Spectora

Easily import your past inspection data (Date, address, price, order IDs, etc) and agent contacts.

Click here to import inspections. (Or go to Contacts>Import>ISN Inspections)

✅ Add Your Team

Go to Settings>Team to add your inspectors and support staff! Read more on how to do that here. Support/Admin staff are free.

✅ Agreements

Go to Settings>Agreements to add new agreements. You'll copy/paste your existing agreement into Spectora.

  • You can have clients sign with their finger on site through the Spectora app

  • We do not have "initials within the agreement" capabilities (we've found hundreds of the largest companies in the country in all states don't do this anymore)

  • You'll select which agreements are sent to the client based on which service they order in the next step Services & Fees

✅ Services & Fees Setup

You will have to set these price and square footage modifiers in Settings>Services & Fees. This is what will dictate which templates and agreements get generated at the time of booking.

✅ Availability

This is where you set which inspectors are available when. Or if you only do inspections at 10am and 2pm.

You can do open scheduling (anytime between 9-6) or time slots (10 and 2). Note that blocking off time on your synced Google Calendar or events in your Spectora calendar will make you not available.

✅ Payments

You'll set up how you'll get paid in Settings > Payments. Learn more here.

Here is a video to walk you through setting it up. The agreement and payment is sent to the client just like through ISN. The report is locked until the client does both.

✅ Online Scheduler

Once you've done the steps above, enabling your Online Scheduler is easy! Go to Settings>Online Scheduler and adjust your settings.

Then embed your scheduler code and you're ready!

Spectora Advanced Section

✅ Custom Emails and Texts (Actions)

When you enable Actions in Settings>Advanced Tools, you'll see Actions in your navigation or drop down menu.

This is where you'll start creating your custom triggers and events just like in ISN!

Watch a video on how to set up the most common actions:

Which number do the texts send from?

You can purchase a custom text number ($20/mo) so you can get replies to your automated texts, learn more here or go to Settings>Text Settings to buy.

Otherwise, texts are sent from a centralized number and we do our best to route them back to you. We can't guarantee this because of the nature of texts coming from one number and agents that work with multiple inspection companies. We recommend a custom text number.

✅ Contact Tagging

Want to send specific emails to VIP agents? Want to only send a text to agents that text? Use contact tagging!

*You can tag agents as you enter them in while scheduling
*You can modify these tags in Contacts

Here is an article to learn more about contact tagging to send smarter emails and texts.

✅ Inspection Events

Want to automatically set up Radon drop-off/pickup? Have other custom events that you want automatically added when you book a certain service?

When you enable it in Settings>Advanced Tools, you'll see "Events" when scheduling inspections:

✅ Service & Service Area Limitations

Want to limit which inspectors can do which service or service area? We got you!

Go to Settings>Advanced Tools to enable this and you'll be able to click the buttons below to set up.

✅ Paysplits

Set rules to calculate how much each inspector receives for each service/add-on. 

  • Get pay reports from any dates you want

  • Export to CSV

✅ Metrics

We have all the data you need to not miss a beat. Once enabled in Settings>Advanced Tools, you'll see it linked in your navigation menu:

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