We want you to know we are here for you. If you're struggling with how this slowdown is impacting your business, we are here to listen and support you however we can. Just write in and chat with us.

Even if you're not an official user of Spectora yet, we still see you as part of the community. We truly hope everyone is taking care of themselves and loved ones.

We are big believers in using this time to improve ourselves, our community and put out even more helpful content than usual. We can all come out of this stronger and better if we choose!

Here is some recent content that I hope you find useful:
New Spectora Spotlight Episode #38 "Contraction vs. Expansion" - This is a timely topic on how to handle the upcoming slowdown brought on by the Coronavirus. Click here for the YouTube interview.

For New Inspectors -> Why Starting Now is Smart - Starting a business at the beginning of a potential recession? Madness! See why it's actually a great opportunity to start your home inspection business now.

Business Slowdown Game Plan [Video] - 8 Things You Can Do During a Slowdown. Tactical tips for how to keep your activity levels high and keep agents engaged during this slowdown.

What to Consider When Changing Software [Video] - For new or experienced inspectors that are wondering the factors they should be considering when choosing home inspection software to run your business.

For Experienced Inspectors - Tips on Hiring an Admin [Video] - Learn from top home inspectors at every stage on what to consider when hiring an admin to answer your phones and free you up!

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