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Differentiate your service to clients and market to agents with our HomeBinder Integration
Differentiate your service to clients and market to agents with our HomeBinder Integration

HomeBinder helps homeowners organize and manage their largest asset. Here's how to setup the integration!

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Our integration makes it easy to automatically send inspections to HomeBinder as soon as they are published, paid for, and all agreements are signed!   


  1. Set up a HomeBinder account and complete your on-boarding with their team:

  2. Visit Settings -> Company Settings -> System Integrations and enable HomeBinder integration here:

3. Grab your API Keys and Template ID from HomeBinder's system under Settings > Automation and enter them in the integration setup in Spectora.

4. Hit "Test Integration" to ensure you've entered valid credentials. 

5. Hit "Enable HomeBinder" - you'll next get sent to your Services and Fees page. 

6. Decide which service types get defaulted to send to HomeBinder. This sets the default for inspections scheduled via the New Inspection Form and via the Online Scheduler: 


While scheduling, you'll see your defaults at work with the auto-checking of this checkbox in the Integrations section:

You can override it by checking/unchecking here. Otherwise you can also modify it after you've scheduled.

You'll know an inspection is flagged to be sent to HomeBinder by seeing this on the left column of the Inspection Details page:

As soon as the inspection has all reports published, is paid for, and has all agreements signed we'll send it over to HomeBinder!


What if I want to enable/disable HomeBinder for a particular inspection?

It's easy to toggle this per-inspection! Just use these buttons in Inspection Details:

How do I include appliances information for the client?

We have a specific template in our Template Center called "HomeBinder Appliance Info" that contains the required format to get this info to HomeBinder. Here's how to use it:

  1. Go to the Template Center and add the "HomeBinder Appliance Info" template to your account:

2. The section of this template can either be copied into another template or you must include it in any Services you intend to send to HomeBinder: 

3. Once on-site, fill out any data in the Appliance Info section.

For the HomeBinder Appliance Template, please be sure to use only the Data Plate photo for each appliance. If the Data Plate photo is not available, do not include that appliance on the template.

⚠️If you include an appliance without a Data Plate photo the appliance recall validation report will encounter an error⚠️

🙋‍♀️ HomeBinder Tip: If the appliance is not listed the homeowner can add it at a later date!

(Delete any items that aren't present or are unneeded. If you have an additional appliance that isn't listed, simply duplicate an existing one and change the name!)

4. Once you publish all your reports, we'll automatically use this templated section to send over appliance data to HomeBinder!

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