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Spectora Advanced FAQs

Check out commonly asked questions about Spectora Advanced!

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Who Should Use this Product?

Companies that:

  • Want to customize emails for different clients and agents

  • Offer multiple services and want to sell more of them

  • Have multiple inspectors

  • Any companies that want to get more Google Reviews

  • Outsource services to 3rd party companies (ie: Sewer Scopes)

Who (usually) Isn't Ready for Spectora Advanced?

  • Brand new inspectors that are taking their time ramping up and not ready to upsell services or customize their communications with agents/clients.

How Much Does Advanced Cost?

$3 per inspection. Even if one individual inspection has multiple services - i.e. termite, radon, 4-Point/Wind Mit, etc. on it - it is still $3.

Our goal is and will always be to deliver exceptional value at a cost near or below the competition.

Can Advanced Replace Using ISN?

Yes, Spectora Advanced was built to be an all-encompassing product - which discontinues the need for our users to have multiple systems and subscriptions. 

The idea is to avoid the issues that happen with integrations between different systems and allow a single point-of-contact for any issues. 

We've built this at the request of numerous companies asking for alternatives.

Why Is Advanced an Add-On Product & Not Included? 

Millions of dollars and thousands of hours go into the development, maintenance and support of these tools. 

Additionally, there are metered costs with every email and text message that gets sent. To make this a worthwhile venture we need to charge an additional fee.

  • Also, many of the features of Spectora Advanced will only be useful to a specific demographic of those in the inspection industry. 

  • Including these features in everyone's system would result in overly complicating and increasing our support costs, as well as making our base software prohibitively expensive to new inspectors, which is not something we want to do. 

  • We want to offer these features for those who need more, but allow those who do not to keep the software features that have given them success. 

Will You Continue Adding New Features to the Base Spectora Platform?

Of course! We'll continue to improve our product offerings constantly just as we always have.

We know that there will be inspectors who are not in need of Advanced, but still love our software, which is why we will actively be supporting and updating both versions indefinitely. 

What Features are Included? 

Actions - Customizable automation rules for emails, texts, and webhooks. 

Contact Tagging - Add tags to your contacts to further customize Actions and trigger different emails based on the tag (i.e. VIP Agents, New Agents, Investors, etc.)

Inspection Events - Events tied to inspections (i.e. radon drop-off/pick-up). 

Advanced Metrics - Customizable graphs and charts for business intelligence. 

Pay Splits - Calculation of pay splits for your inspectors.

Service Limitations - Customize each Inspector to only be assigned to certain service types (i.e. inspectors only able to perform residential home inspections and radon).

Service Areas - Limit inspectors to only work in certain service areas (draw service areas for each inspector on a map).

Is there a Trial?

Yes! You can try Spectora Advanced free for 30 days, complete with a one-on-one demo with one of our awesome onboarding specialists.

How do I get Started?

1. To sign up for your Spectora Advanced trial, click the dropdown in the top right corner of your Spectora Dashboard > Advanced

2. Follow the steps to enable your trial, book your one-on-one demo, and set up Advanced!

Looking for more value? Check out this article (with video!) on the Most Common Actions inspectors use with Spectora Advanced!

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