After setting up your Google Ads account, it's important to check back and adjust the campaign to ensure it is operating as efficiently as possible. 

That's why we offer ongoing management for Google Ads.

Shouldn't the campaign already be perfect after we set it up?

We set up campaigns using best practices based on our industry knowledge and years of experience. Yes your campaign is in good shape after setup, but optimization requires a combination of human expertise and machine learning to continuously improve your results month-over-month.

There are A LOT of factors involved in the ongoing success of a Google Ads campaign. Our setup process includes a month of management so we can make sure that the campaign is effective, but there is always more you can do to make it better.

Optimization (a fancy word for looking at data and making changes) is just one aspect that affects the success of your campaign. Without proper management, your competitors and Google updates can have a significant impact on your results.

How do competitors affect your campaign?

Say we set up your campaign and it's running beautifully. You're showing up #1 for "home inspectors near me" and your cost per click is only $4. That's great! 

However something might happen that's completely out of your control. Your competitors might decide to start running ads and bid higher for that keyword. Then your ads don't show up so high and you don't get so many phone calls. What then?

Then, you need to adjust your bidding strategy to show up above your competitors. Some competitors might drop off but new ones will come in. This is an ongoing battle and always will be.

How do Google updates affect your campaign?

Google is constantly rolling out new features to Google Ads. If you're not staying on top of your campaign, you might not be taking full advantage - and your competitors might. Here are some examples:

  • New ad extensions - Ad Extensions are extra snippets of relevant information about your business that can be added to your ads. These make your ads more eye-catching and clickable.
  • New custom targeting options - You probably already know that you can target your ads to people in a specific demographic (age, gender, location), but just recently Google rolled out new targeting options called "audiences" that lets you target people by their interests and habits (like people who are in the process of buying a house and looking for a home inspector).

What other factors might be affecting my campaign?

Besides your competitors and Google updates, here are some examples of things that can come up unexpectedly and cause issues for your campaign.

  • Ads showing up for irrelevant keywords - When we set up your campaign, we add a lot of negative keywords (words that we don't want your ads to show up for that Google sees as close synonyms - like "appraisal" or "building inspector"). We're always growing this list because there are always new irrelevant searches, like people searching for "foster home inspection", "home inspection conventions", "home inspector requirements", and many more keywords that you don't want your ads to show for.
  • Your website - If you're running Google Ads, you're probably familiar with Quality Score. For each keyword you target, you have a quality score. Your quality score is a measure of how relevant your ads and landing pages are to that keyword.

What other benefits are there to having someone manage my campaign?

Keyword optimization - The longer your ads have been running, the more data you have on your keywords. That means you know which keywords lead to the most conversions - and which ones don't. In the early stages of a campaign, this should be done more often, which is why we include a month of management in our setup fee.

New content - Maybe you're running a special or offer a new service, that's something you definitely want to update in your ads!

Advanced bidding adjustments - Google has several bidding strategies that work differently depending on how long your campaign has been running because it uses data from your campaign to bid on keywords. Campaigns are usually set up with a "Maximize Clicks" bidding strategy. 

However, clicks aren't the ultimate goal - conversions are. But since we have no conversion data when your campaign is brand new, we have to wait until we have about a month of data to switch over to "Maximize conversions". 

After running that strategy for a while, you might want to bump it up a notch to "Target CPA" where you can set a target cost per acquisition. THEN, once you have that data you can use "Target ROAS" that lets you set a target return on ad spend

These advanced bidding strategies only work once you have the data from running your campaign for a while.

To sum it up, here are the key benefits of ongoing Google Ads maintenance:

  • Lower your cost per click
  • Stay on top of your competition
  • Take advantage of new features from Google

If you're running your own Google Ads account, make sure you take some time aside at least once a month to optimize your campaign and consider these factors!

If you want to learn more about Spectora helping you manage your campaign, book a call with us!

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