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Is Generic Stock Content Hurting Your Site?
Is Generic Stock Content Hurting Your Site?
If you had us build your website, there is a good chance you have some stock content still there. Consider updating it!
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To answer the question in the title, the stock content on your site most likely isn't hurting you.

It's also probably not helping you as much as it could.

As slow season (or slower season) approaches, we want to give you tips on areas you can improve. The main pages of your website are pretty high up there since that is what people see everyday.

Original content is important because it helps your business gain credibility. This is because it is personalized, and this will allow people to see you as a person instead of just a company on a screen. People will trust what you have to say and want to use you as an inspector because you are relatable! 

As I say in the video below, I think everyone should take a shot at updating their site's stock content with your unique wording and perspective. This helps make your site's content more compelling, engaging and real!

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