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Mapping ISN Services to Spectora Templates
Mapping ISN Services to Spectora Templates

Template mappings, ISN integration

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When integrating with ISN, you can map your ISN order types to specific templates in Spectora.  You can also choose not to import certain order types.

This allows you to have the right templates ready-to-go for your inspections every day.  You also can keep your interface clean by not importing inspection reports you don’t use Spectora for.  Here’s how to set it up:

Set up order type mapping

Simply re-run the ISN setup in Settings > Company Settings > System Integrations.

If your ISN integration is already enabled, click "setup" again :

Continue to the ISN Keys & Verification page until you see your Template Mappings:

These rules will apply to your ISN imports going forward.  Note that changing the order type in ISN on an already-imported Spectora inspection won’t change the templates in place, as automatically deleting your reports could result in data loss.  If you do end up needing different templates, either manually add/remove templates in Spectora or delete the inspection and allowing it to re-import.

You can always return to the integration wizard to change these settings at any time.

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