Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform to send mass emails.  It can help you create beautiful emails, track open/click rates, and keep your contact lists clean. Our integration syncs your contacts (clients and agents) with Mailchimp’s lists.

We use MailChimp extensively to help our inspectors get more business with our SEO and PPC (managed pay-per-click ad campaign services) programs.  Let us know if you want help getting more business!

Here’s how to set up MailChimp integration:

1. Create a MailChimp account here. - Must be a paid Mailchimp account

2. Create an API key in MailChimp by going to Account->Extras->API Keys->Create a Key:

3. In Spectora, go to Settings->Company Settings->Integrations and click “Setup MailChimp”:

3. Copy and paste your API Key in, being careful not to include extra spaces before or after:

4. Click “Verify” to confirm the API key is correct.  Then simply enable the integration!

Within a few minutes, you’ll see a couple new lists in your MailChimp account: Clients and Agents:

Agents also have a group type called “Agent Type” assigned to them, allowing you to target only Client’s Agents or Listing Agents for example:

For any inspections you schedule in the future, the integration will automatically add new agents and clients into your MailChimp lists within minutes.  You’ll always have the latest email list at your fingertips!

We hope our MailChimp integration gives you yet another tool to grow your business by reaching out directly to agents and clients.  MailChimp has a rich feature set to explore, so be sure to dig in deeper on their site to better understand all the options you have!

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