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Google Calendar Two-Way Integration
Google Calendar Two-Way Integration
Two way syncing for Google Cal
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By popular request, the Google Calendar integration is now two-way!

Now you can manage your schedule completely from your Google Calendar, inputting time-off and rescheduling appointments easily.

We’ve upgraded our Google Calendar functionality to allow two-way syncing, meaning that Spectora and Google Calendar will communicate and sync with each other bi-directionally.

Specifically, this means:

  • In Spectora, scheduled inspections and events (time-off, etc.) will be imported into your Google Calendar

  • In Spectora, any inspections or events added will show up in Google Calendar

  • In Google Calendar, you can reschedule inspections by updating the date/time (default rescheduling emails/texts will be sent.)  For multi-inspector companies, this requires the scheduling privilege.

  • In Google Calendar, deleting an unpaid and unpublished inspection will cancel the inspection in Spectora.  Paid or published inspections will be left intact.  Inspectors without scheduling privileges cannot cancel inspections.

  • In Google Calendar, any one time (non repeating) events can be added and will show up as events in the Spectora calendar (and block off your schedule.)

  • In Google Calendar, events can be rescheduled and will be updated in Google Calendar.

This allows your Google Calendar to always be in sync with the Spectora calendar!

For multi-inspector companies, this opens up a few possibilities:

  • Allows your inspectors to add doctor appointments or vacation days in Google Calendar without needing to give them full scheduling privileges.  They will automatically show up in Spectora to prevent scheduling conflicts.

  • Allows your employees to update events (appointments, time-off, vacation) to keep the calendar organized and up-to-date.

  • Easily reschedule or cancel inspections from Google Calendar (if privileged), allowing for more flexibility out in the field.

Note that any synced updates may be delayed by a few minutes since these processes run in the background.  Also, Spectora’s dashboard needs to be refreshed to view updates.


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