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How to Import your Template from InspectVue
How to Import your Template from InspectVue
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Importing from InspectVue is a bit more involved than most. If you have issues, contact support.

After you backup the Master Library from InspectVue, you will need to prepare a zip file from the backup.

  1. Unzip the backup

  2. In the resulting folders, navigate to ProgramData/Porter Valley Software/InspectVue R4/Archive, you should see several more zip files.

  3. Unzip all of these zip files to the same place

  4. You should now have a folders inside ProgramData/Porter\ Valley\ Software/InspectVue\ R4, which are your InspectVue templates

  5. Zip up the InspectVue template folder that you would like to import.

  6. In the Spectora Template Editor, you can go to Add Template => Import from Another Software and upload your new zip.

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