How to set up Pay Splits

Set up your rules so it's easy to determine how much to pay each inspector come payroll.

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Part of Spectora Advanced, Pay Splits allows you to set up rules for how much each inspector gets paid for each service. A simple report can be ran anytime so you know how much to pay out every payroll.

Enable Pay Splits

Once you've activated Spectora Advanced, pop into Settings -> Advanced Tools and enable Pay Splits:

Pay Split Manager

Get to the Pay Split Manager page from the top of Settings or Settings -> Advanced -> Pay Splits:

Inspector-Specific Pay splits

Paysplits are all set per team member. You can set up their pay splits in the "Inspector-Specific paysplits" section.

Each inspector can have their own splits and percentage for each service offered or no split if it is not a service they provide.

⚠️ Important!

Make sure to create a pay split for every single service and addon that shows up in the dropdown box. When you are done creating pay splits, there should be "No Data Available" or 0 services/addons that have not been assigned to a pay split

If you use the tax line under Settings > Services and Fees, your Pay Splits will calculate from the total before taxes are applied.


Team members with the "Company Admin" privilege (set in Team page) will be able to see a new box on each inspection:

Hitting "Reset" will re-run the calculations based on the services present. After making any manual changes, be sure to hit "Save"!

Teammates without admin access will only see their split on each inspection and will not be able to edit it.

Team Inspections

When multiple inspectors are assigned to an inspection or its Inspection Events, we don't automatically assume everyone participated in every service performed. We default the first inspector to receive all of the pay and give you an "Alert" to manually adjust the pay splits for that inspection:

We've built a useful tool to help you quickly assign the services on an inspection to the inspectors that performed the inspection:

This tools displays all the charges and/or services on the inspection and allows you to drag-and-drop each inspector into whatever they performed:

Note that an inspector can be assigned to multiple services and any service can have multiple inspectors. Each assignment of a service uses that inspector's pay split rules, and when multiple inspectors are associated with a service their amount is divided by the number of inspectors assigned to that service.

Payroll Reports

We'll soon be building a "Reports" area, but in the meantime click "Pay Report" from your "Pay Split Manager":

Here you can select any date range to show how much each inspector is owed:

The default is the previous calendar month. This includes all inspections during that timeframe, including unpaid and unpublished inspections.


We hope our Pay Split tools help you pay your team more efficiently!

If you have any questions or feedback on feature, or other parts of Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email!

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