Taking payments online is a great way to get paid. You won't have to worry about hassling the buyer on-site and you can focus on the inspection. But how do you choose which provider to use? Here's a few tips:


Both Spectora Payments and Square offer simple, easy-to-understand pricing at

2.75% + 30 cents per transaction. With Spectora Payments you'll have more features integrated into the platform like refunding and taking card payments in-app.

If you do high volume ($500k+ per year), please contact us to ask about special discount rates with Spectora Payments.

Setup Time

Spectora Payments and Square offer quick setup - all you need is your tax ID number and some basic company info.

On-Site Payments

If you also want to take payments on-site, Spectora Payments offers an in-app option that uses your device's camera or keypad. Square offers card readers to take payment onsite. If you use the Square integration all of your payments, whether on-site or online, will be in the Square dashboard.

Payment Speed

Spectora Payment's initial payment will take 7-10 days, but after that fraud-prevention delay payments are paid within 2 business days. Square often has payments in your bank account the next day.

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