Taking payments online is a great way to get paid. You won't have to worry about hassling the buyer on-site and you can focus on the inspection. But how do you choose which provider to use? Here's a few tips:


Both Spectora Payments and Square offer simple, easy-to-understand pricing. Spectora Payments charges 2.75% + 30 cents per transaction, while Square charges 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. With Spectora Payments you'll have more features integrated into the platform like refunding and taking card payments in-app.

Authorize.net has a number of vendors. One that caters to home inspectors is Guardian Financial. The fees are more dependent on volume, credit, and what kinds of cards your clients use, so contact them for more details.

If you do high volume ($500k+ per year), please contact us to ask about special discount rates with Spectora Payments.

Setup Time

Spectora Payments and Square offer quick setup - all you need is your tax ID number and some basic company info. Authorize requires you to have a merchant account, which means some additional paperwork to get up-and-running.

On-Site Payments

If you also want to take payments on-site, Spectora Payments offers an in-app option that uses your device's camera or keypad. Square offers readers too. If you use the Square integration all of your payments, whether on-site or online, will be in the Square dashboard.

Payment Speed

Spectora Payment's initial payment will take 7-10 days, but after that fraud-prevention delay payments are paid within 2 business days. Square often has payments in your bank account the next day.

Authorize.net deposits are often same-day or next-day.

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