Spectora has integrated with Square, an all-in-one credit card payment processor, so you can quickly get started accepting customer payments online and never have to worry about accepting payment on-site again. This feature allows you to automatically restrict access to the report until the client has paid.

We offer 2.75%* (compared to their standard 2.9%) + 30 cents per transaction. (If you do over $1M a year in revenue, get in touch for even lower rates!)

Square offers next-day payouts and a convenient dashboard for your transactions. In our new mobile app, we'll eventually integrate Square readers too!

Simply select Square as your payment processor in Settings > Payments. Then click “Connect With Square” to be taken to Square Connect, which will enable the integration on Square’s end. (You will need to log in with a valid Square account.)

That’s it!  Your clients will see the same familiar Spectora interface, but the back-end will be processed by Square.  You’ll be able to track payments in your Square dashboard anytime!

There is an adjustment period of up to one month until the rate is set. Just one of the nuances with Square's setup for us, where they manually adjust rates once a month for our customers!

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