Mobile app lag and crashes are frustrating!  However, most are caused by a few simple things.

First, know that we've coded our app so that every single tap is saving data to the device, which means you're not losing data when the app crashes.  Phew!

I've spent some time diving into our error logs to determine the causes of some of these crashes - and it turns out most are caused by memory issues.


Your device has something called memory or RAM.  Memory is the amount of data the device can handle at one time.  Not to be confused with storage, which is often in the hundreds of gigabytes (256gb), memory is usually a single-digit number of gigabytes (3gb, 4gb) for modern devices.  

Most app crashes are "Out of Memory" errors!

To avoid these, here's what you can do:

  • Use a device with 3gb or more of RAM.  Most modern high-end devices have 4gb or more.  We see the most crashes when RAM is 2gb or less.  (If you're unsure of how RAM much your device has, pop into Settings or do a search of your device name + " wiki" and search the page for "RAM".)
  • Have less apps open while doing inspections. Be sure you're completely closing out of apps, not just putting them in the background.
  • Fully power down your device every once in a while.
  • Use our mobile app's Settings->Reset App Memory every once in a while to keep on-device data to a minimum.  The more data the app has to parse through constantly the more memory it takes!
  • Try reducing the app's memory usage by clearing up photos in the gallery and templates in your account:


Any time you log into the mobile app, we pull in all the templates available on your account so they're ready to use if needed.  If you have a lot of templates and not much device memory, this often leads to lag or crashes when the mobile app tries to parse all your template data.

Delete unused templates from you account if you don't use them at all.

Inspections on Device

Similarly, keeping dozens of inspections on your mobile device eats up memory.  We recommend keeping inspections around at least a week just-in-case.  However, as the number of inspections gets larger it's just more data for the app to sort through on every single action.  Clear them out!

In the mobile app Settings you'll find a button called "Reset App Memory".  It's a good practice to do this every week or two to keep the database clean and the app flying!

Photo Gallery Size

If your app is slow or crashing when trying to add photos from the device gallery/library, it might be time to clear it out.  We're heard numerous reports that as the library grows to thousands of photos, the Add From Gallery feature takes longer and longer to load up, sometimes resulting in crashes. Also ensure your "Recently Deleted" folder is cleared out! 

The photo plug in within the Spectora App is going to try to see all the thumbnails within your Photo Gallery, so if you have more than 2,000 photo, you're probably getting crashes and overloading it while taking a picture. Backup your photos and clear out that photo gallery to see improvements!

That's it!  Understand that crashes happen on all apps, especially ones that deal with large data sets.  Often there is very little we can do about it on our end, since the app is installed and running on your device and independent of our servers.  In our experience, all crashes are a result of one of the above.  Check each one out and you'll be well on your way to crash-free usage!

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