We value your input!  Many of our current features came directly from the suggestions of our users.  We're an inspector-first platform - our top priority is helping you do your job so we want to hear your thoughts!

With that in mind, please understand that we get lots of requests for features, additional options, and changes to our platform.  We have thousands of users currently using Spectora, ranging from one-person-shops to multi-inspector-companies with over a dozen inspectors.  And our numbers are growing daily!  We're fortunate that many of you let us know your thoughts and ideas - we love it!

Given that volume of feedback, any single suggestion is a great data point for us.  We like to be patient and wait to see trends from dozens, if not hundreds, of people's requests before we take action.  We've learned the hard way that small changes can upset lots of people!

"Why can't you just make it an option?" you might be asking!

Part of our company's guiding philosophy is to keep our interface clean, streamlined and easy-to-use.  We're constantly evaluating the future of our product based on the suggestions we receive while considering the holistic impact on the product overall.  We don't want to be a product with hundreds of options that each only benefit a few people.  We think that makes software less approachable and less useful overall.  In fact, we often get requests to stop making changes and that our product is perfect as it is!

We appreciate that everyone has different ideas of what we should do next.  We hear you and we're listening.  We're all part of the same Spectora community!  Being part of a community sometimes means thinking beyond the needs of any given individual.

Additionally, our development hours are limited.  Building software is time-consuming and expensive, more so the more complex a product gets.  We're a small, self-funded team.  We are constantly evaluating what the highest priority is any given week.

We hope this helps you understand why your idea, while a great one, might not be implemented right away.  Thanks for your patience and understanding!

You can help us hear you better by using our process for suggesting features.  This is the best way for us to see the big picture!

Thank you so much for being a part of the Spectora family.

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