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Help us help you!  Give us as much info as possible! Pictures, Videos, Error Codes, what you were trying to do... everything!

Software is hard to talk about. We usually need to recreate the issue on our end to have a chance at solving it.  And we need your help with that!

The best way to report a bug is to take a screen shot on your mobile device or on your desktop and show that to us. Often it is very hard for us to replicate issues on our end, and we want to see what you're seeing!  

Screen shots on Apple IOS:  Press you Lock Button and Home button simultaneously
Screen shots on Android: Press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously  

On both phones and desktops, we recommend using Cloud App, which is a free program we use to get you GIFS and screenshots so quickly.  Here is a link to get Cloud App: 

If you don't see it, report your bug to us via our online chat!

Please keep in mind that we have thousands of users, each with different devices, operating systems, programs, and environment. Often bugs are only being experienced by a few people - we need your help to narrow down all the factors and get it fixed for you!

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