Often we'll want some real-world testing on a feature before we release it.  When this happens, we'll announce a new beta version in our Facebook User Group.  If you're willing to endure some bugs to get a sneak-peak at upcoming features and provide valuable feedback, here's how to do it:

  1. In the mobile app main menu, go to Settings

  2. Scroll down to "App Version" and tap it 6 times to reveal additional options

  3. Change the "App Build Channel" to "Beta"

  4. Hit the green button to "Get Latest Update"

Your app will restart (all data intact) with the beta version.  Let us know any bugs you encounter as well as any thoughts you have on the new features.

We don't recommend staying in the beta version - once we release that version, switch back to the "Production" build channel to get back to the main build, which often updates with minor fixes and features that don't show up in beta.

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