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What's the Difference Between a Template and a Report?
What's the Difference Between a Template and a Report?

How templates become reports

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Spectora saves you time through the concept of templates. A template is a set of pre-written comments (aka narratives, observations, defects, etc.) organized into sections and items. 

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You can preview and download different prebuilt templates in our template center! Click here to check out our template center.

When an inspection is scheduled, a Report is created based on the information in the template. Think of it like a house; if the Report is the fully built house, then the Template is the blueprint!

The Report is "stamped out" from the Template and built on the morning of the inspection.** This ensures that the Report reflects the latest Template changes you have made. After that "stamp out" process, changes to the Template do not affect the report.

**Note: the Report is built early morning on the day of the inspection, not the day the inspection is scheduled.

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While performing the inspection you will check certain comments in the report to be included, edit text to make it specific to that property, and include photos of the home. 

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While filling out your report, you may want to add a new comment. When adding a new comment to your report, you can select the option of "Save to template for use in future reports." This allows you to easily evolve your template over time.

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You can also assign a Template to a specific service! When scheduling services, you can set a Template to be the default for different services. Click this article to see more on how to assign Templates to services!

Every inspection is an opportunity to improve your template!

If you have any questions or feedback, write into our chat bubble or email!

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