Spectora saves you time through the concept of templates. A template is a set of pre-written comments (aka narratives, observations, defects, etc.) organized into sections and items. 

Some examples of templates are "Residential Single-Family", "Condo", "Radon Testing", and "Mold Inspection".

For each inspection scheduled with a client, the template is "stamped out" to a Report. That report starts out as a identical copy of the template at that point in time. We build the report from your template the morning-of each inspection so your report reflects the latest template changes you have made.

While performing the inspection you will check certain comments in the report to be included, edit text to make it specific to that property, and include photos of the home. 

After that "stamp out" process, changes to the template do not affect the report.

Spectora helps you evolve your template over time by allowing changes in the report to be saved back to the template.  Every inspection is an opportunity to improve your template!

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