In Spectora we have a number of "special" templates that, instead of outputting to our normal web-based report, output to a PDF replica of a specific form.

The NPMA-33 now joins that list! Here's how to get it:

  1. Visit the Template Center
  2. Click on the "NPMA-33" form under "Spectora Starter Templates" and "Add Template"

3. Use this template to build a report
4. When previewing, the output will look identical to the NPMA-33!

Special Notes

  • For the form to function correctly, you should not delete anything in the template
  • These fields will prepopulate from either your "Profile" page or inspection details:
  • The inspector signature comes from your profile as well - add it just below the inspector photo:

  • Many checkboxes within the form are controlled by whether you input text or not. For example, if you do not input any answers for "Section II", the "No Visible Evidence" will display. This helps save you taps while inspecting!

Similarly, entering text checks the appropriate boxes:

  • Photos may be added to a report in "Section V" under Additions->Attachments:

The photos will be displayed in an addendum page after the report.

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