We've offered numerous SEO plans over the years and we've learned a lot managing SEO plans for so many inspection companies.

Mostly that agency-level SEO is complex and time-consuming.

We realized it just wasn't feasible to do what full-service marketing agencies do for a fraction of the cost. In order to get results and be affordable, we had to scale down and simplify our offering.

The new SEO Boost plan is perfect for inspectors that want a simple marketing plan that does something for their SEO for a reasonable price - $200/mo - less than an inspection per month.

What you can expect from our SEO add-on plan:

  • 1 piece of content posted to your site each month
  • On-going optimizations to page speed, images and meta tags
  • Schema markup for easier Google crawling
  • Monthly reports
  • Extra review generation options
  • Live chat support for website edits & SEO questions
  • Premium page types (ie: promoting new features)

What this SEO add-on plan is not:

  • A quick way to move up the rankings (newsflash, there isn't a quick way)
  • A comprehensive SEO strategy and plan¬†
  • Specialized link-building
  • A high-touch, collaborative agency plan (these cost 1k/mo and up)

If you're an existing Spectora Hosting customer and want to learn more, write into the chat bubble and we'll be happy to talk more! 

Note: We have discontinued the availability of our traditional SEO plans (Foundational, Essentials and Agency). Existing plans will remain in effect with grandfathered pricing for as long as you want to continue.

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