Integrating your Spectora powered company with Quickbooks is as simple as a few clicks.

  1. Navigate to your company settings
  2. Click Integrations
  3. Click the Enable button to the right of QuickBooks
  4. QuickBooks Online will then have you login and grant permission to Spectora to integrate QuickBooks Online.
  5. You're done!

What does the integration do?

  • Creates a Customer for the Client on the inspection.
  • Creates Sales Receipts for your Inspections. These include a payment method that identifies if the payment was with a credit card, if the client paid via Spectora, or cash.
  • Important note: The integration cannot tell if you have created Sales Receipts or other QuickBooks records to track your income. It only keeps track of ones it has created. If you have created income tracking manually, be prepared to clean up redundant income records.
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