We've worked in SEO for a long time and know most clients don't have the patience or understanding to stick with marketing campaign long enough to see results.

Google knows this too. That is why it often takes at least 6 months to see ranking and traffic improvements.

Our costs go up and efficiency goes down when clients jump in and out of what should be a long-term strategy.

Think about it this way: if ranking higher and getting more business were easy and could be done in a couple months, everyone would do it right?

The rewards of a consistent, steady flow of business should take more effort and time. Because it's well worth it.


We dedicate professional SEO staff to our plans. It's a very human-intensive job that requires long-term planning in order for us to offer the service at the prices we do.

Having commitments from those that understand the benefits helps us keep costs down and remain efficient with delivering results.


We've recently added quarterly and annual billing options to satisfy inspector demand. We know how much of an investment SEO is, so we now allow you to make quarterly payments.

Alternatively, we also wanted to offer annual billing for those that want to save a few bucks.

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