Years ago Google came out and said that quality content and links were the top 2 factors in ranking higher in search results.

This was taken much more seriously than anything else you could read about SEO because Google never makes public statements about what helps you rank higher. This came straight from them.

So many SEO companies (and us) have reacted to this by producing high-quality content that is helpful.

Content alone might be the best way to grow your brand and online presence over time. It's a strategy that not only helps you rank higher, it provides articles that you can send to your agents and clients in your reminder and follow-up emails!

Why Only 1 Piece of Content? Why Not More?

Researching, writing and publishing content takes time

When we asked inspectors about our SEO plans, they wanted something more affordable that still focused on the most important aspects of SEO.

In addition, producing multiple pieces of unique content each month would cause our plans to be more expensive. In most cases, this isn't necessary for our industry and your market.

We still may post an extra piece of content to your site each month as we see gaps and/or time permits.

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