If you're just tinkering around with a template, or have an imported template which you're only using for editing, or really any template which you're not actively using for services on a regular basis, We highly recommend marking the template as Inactive in your template settings so that it doesn't load onto your mobile app. 

All your active templates are loaded in entirety onto your mobile app, which is how you can add optional sections and items to your reports without needed an internet connection. 

Only having templates you are actively using using marked as Active will significantly increase the performance of your app, since template are very heavy, data-wise. 

To Make an Template Active or Inactive, 

  1. Go to your template editor, and click the title of your template to open Template Settings.

2) Check/Uncheck the Template as Active 

3) The next time you open your Spectora app, the app will communicate with the Web and will either add or delete those templates whose status you just changed. 

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